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In order to take care of the woods and ourselves, we need to have knowledge. Knowing how things work, what’s useful and what’s not. We need to open our ears, and learn. Along the trail you will find educational panels that explain some interesting facts and history about the woods, through the five senses. You are encouraged to try a few hands-on experiences and test your own knowledge by answering some questions. In order to learn and share with others. In order to be able to write: #conoscoilbosco, #iknowthewoods.


Educational trail – Neggio Municipality


The itinerary that follows the forest road has been created with a desire to maintain the local area. The woods need interventions to make them safe and usable and, at the same time, these works must allow the development of the ecosystem.

However, we would also like this itinerary to allow us to maintain our own health, in body and mind – our psycho-physical well-being. It is for this reason that some equipment has been installed along the path to allow you to enjoy some physical exercise and sensory experiences in the open air.

Now it’s your turn