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Would you like to discover a simple but tasty recipe that was once prepared in homes with flowers from the woods? Would you like to try fried robinia flowers? Robinia is a tree that arrived in Europe in the 17th century from North America, imported by a French botanist, Jean Robin. It has long since spread over much of the Old Continent and those of a certain age will remember that the white cluster flowers were once a fried delicacy served at the table.
Would you like to know how to prepare the recipe?
P.s. Remember that the robinia tree flowers in Spring, usually during the month of May.

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Did you know that…

The flowers of borage, a common wild herb, taste like cucumber? Meadow grasses, flowers, even from certain trees, such as the lime tree, have long been a larder from which our ancestors gathered ingredients rich in nutrients and flavour. They used them for cooking, but also for healthcare, to prepare medicines. Care however must be taken when choosing herbs and flowers to be eaten, as not all are edible and as in the case of mushrooms, some are toxic or poisonous.

Today even haute cuisine has rediscovered “spontaneous” flavours. More and more herbs and flowers are used by chefs to add colour and flavour to dishes. It is also an invitation to use sustainable, zero-km ingredients that do not require large amounts of energy for their production and distribution.

How many do you know?

To which plant do they belong?

If you read the panel carefully, you will have all the information to answer the questions correctly.

A) Borage
B) Lime
C) Robinia

A) Primula
B) Lime
C) Borage

A) Lime
B) Robinia
C) Borage

A) Robinia
B) Primula
C) Lime